About the Association

We’re just like you. We’ve been database coordinators, development managers, executive directors, and board members. We know first-hand that nonprofits spend a lot of time and money on the act of fundraising and the tools to carry it out. We also know that within the industry exists a great inequality. Those who cannot afford sophisticated fundraising technology are left with very basic, labor-intensive, and simply inadequate tools that keep them “struggling” and unable to adequately focus on their missions.
We intend to change all of that…

Compass-360 Association

Mission Statement

To facilitate and accelerate our members’ growth by leveraging best-of-breed technologies and their implementations into organizational best practices.

How it came to be...

While serving as a board member of an independent school in 2010, our Founder and Executive Director, Omey Nandyal became frustrated by the expensive and incomplete constituent management software available to the nonprofit sector and decided to apply his expertise and passion to revolutionizing nonprofit data management.

Omey originally developed Compass-360 as an online fundraising tool. When introducing and presenting it to numerous nonprofits, he found that most were not ready for more software. The technology they were currently using was cumbersome at best and they were too bogged down in its administration to consider doing anything additional.

His findings pushed him to re-evaluate the scope of Compass-360 and to build something that would be comprehensive, integrated and as importantly, highly affordable - a sea change. Omey consulted several nonprofits on the re-design of the software and Compass-360 went into production in January 2015. Word quickly spread about “the software that can run an entire non-profit” (as one member put it).

But we don’t just want to sell software; we want to revolutionize the Nonprofit world by providing best-of-breed software solutions, customer support and technical expertise to this underserved sector, and with that the Compass-360 Association was born.

Member Benefits

For a $1500 annual membership fee, all Compass-360 Association Members receive:

  • Annual license to the Compass-360 Management Platform
  • Access to Compass-360 preferred Merchant Services partners and rates
  • VIP Customer Support
  • Members-only Compass-360 Training Resources
  • Members-only Compass-360 Best Practices and Whitepapers
  • Regional Compass-360 Association Member Networking Events

Chief Member Advocate

Omey Nandyal - Executive Director, Compass-360 Association
       - Founder, Anonymously Yours Foundation
       - CTO/Co-Founder, Radical Blue Gaming
An innovator and entrepreneur in software technology since 1987, Omey has successfully started and operated numerous for-profit software companies, including Radical Blue Gaming, the worldwide leader in testing technology for the gaming industry. Innovation and creativity have been a hallmark of his corporate leadership. During the late ‘90s, Omey worked in the telecom industry and helped to create and invent many systems and processes that are still in use today. During that time, he was granted multiple patents in the telecom sector, one for testing software that is used by 90% of casinos and slot machine manufacturers around the world.