Customizable dashboard provides a snapshot of the various activities happening at your organization such as recent donations, event registrations and more.

  Constituent Management

Track all of the details for individuals, households, corporations, organizations & schools and create custom constituent sub types, tags, and relationships to organize and query your records.

  Income Management

Manage, process, and track donations, product sales, auction income and any other revenue - both online and in person.


Manage various events including Auctions, Galas, Golf Tournaments, Conferences and more. Track event registration, product sales, sponsorships, donations, and spur-of-the-moment income linked to your attendees. Real-time event revenue tracking, post event reports, and thank you communication all organized by your constituent records make it easy to keep all of the moving parts of your event in a single place.

  Pledge Management

Manage and track recurring pledges and create useful reports for planning and budgeting. Web based donation portals allow your constituents to donate online and feed directly into your database.

  Capital Campaigns

Set-up, manage and track capital campaigns and fundraising projects. Create funding web pages complete with images, embedded video and a target funding tracker.

  Point of Sale

Whether you have a physical or online store, or sell merchandise, booth space or products during events, you can track and sell inventory through Compass-360 with all purchases tied back to the constituent.

  Project Management

Keep track of internal projects and all of their moving parts.

  Payment Processing

Process payments such as donations, membership dues, event ticket purchases, etc. through our secure web portal and in-person at events. All data is immediately uploaded into Compass-360 including creating and updating constituent profiles and income records.

  Content Management

Create and manage an unlimited number of secure donation and event pages that integrate with your website, as well as web content, newsletters, media quotes, staff and board member profiles, event announcements and more.

  Memberships & Subscriptions

Manage and track memberships and subscriptions and have the data instantly uploaded to your database.

  Courses and Classes

Manage courses and classes that your organization may provide. Keep track of instructors, attendees, venues and more.


Manage your organization’s volunteers. Track their time and efforts for projects, events, and more.

  Message Management

Send newsletters, announcements and targeted emails directly through Compass-360 with all the reporting and bells and whistles you’d expect from an enterprise level email platform.

  Action Maps

Manage your organization’s constituent stewardship process in Compass-360 and trigger action steps to board and staff members to track progress and continue growing constituent relationships.


Build custom lists for short term projects, events, and targeted communication. Query on constituent sub groups and instantly create new lists or add to an existing list.

  Reminders / Ticketing

Improve efficiency with tickets and reminders so that nothing falls through the cracks. Email notifications remind you when tasks are due and maintain records of your communication activity within Compass-360.

  Queries & Report Generation

Targeted queries and custom data searches allow for strategic reporting and with simple mail merges you can create custom templates for tax receipts, thank you letters, and other bulk communications.

  Site Setup

Manage all the specific details of your database and customize various aspects of Compass-360 to meet your organization’s particular needs.

  User Management

Create unlimited user profiles and define access capabilities for your team to reduce data entry errors and protect your organization’s sensitive data.

  Data Import/Export

Manage all the specific details of your database and customize various aspects of Compass-360 to meet your organization’s particular needs.

  Electronic File Cabinet

Create and store your important documents securely in one place. Accessible from anywhere that Compass-360 is installed.

  Funding & Grant Management

Manage the details of funding and grant requests and build a complete potential grant library for your organization to stay organized and keep track of funders, deadlines, and ongoing reporting requirements.

  Questionnaires & Surveys

Create unlimited online surveys and questionnaires to collect useful information from your constituents. All responses are automatically connected with constituent records to allow you to measure satisfaction and engagement trends.

  Prospect Management

Manage prospective donors, student recruitment, and board member cultivation as well as other standard and custom categories.