The best of both worlds

The innovation of the technology industry and the heart of the nonprofit world

How we came to be

While serving on a board, software developer Omey Nandyal became frustrated by the expensive and incomplete constituent management software available to nonprofits.

Around the same time, Omey and his wife, Tammy, began the Anonymously Yours Foundation, aiming to inspire people, communities and nonprofits with innovative projects, cultivating a world of inclusive philanthropy.

Omey decided to apply his expertise and create an online fundraising tool. He enlisted the help of a handful nonprofits – working with them to create what they needed. But it became apparent early on that they needed more. He re-evaluated the scope of Compass-360 and began to build something that would be comprehensive, integrated and most importantly, highly affordable.

And so Compass-360 became the first project of the Anonymously Yours Foundation. Software for nonprofits, by a nonprofit.

We don’t want to just sell software; we want to modernize the magical, challenging world of nonprofit by equipping you with software solutions, customer support and technical expertise.
We are the Compass-360 Association.